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Search Engine Advertising (SEA) describes all advertising in search engines and their networks, which (CPM) are paid on clicks (CPC) or cost per thousand. These include both the classical search ads above and to the right of the organic search listings and banner ads on websites of the Google Display Network (GDN).

As a Google Certified SEO Agency takes the analysis of existing AdWords accounts or is this new in accordance with the objectives and contents of advertisers on. Our SEA Services include the design of new accounts and campaign structures, potential analysis and research of relevant keywords, implementing new AdWords Campaigns with ad groups and ads, definition keyword specific landing pages as well as the monitoring and reporting of performance and progress.

SEA has three main objectives:

  • First formulated very specific targets by precise input / output control of all measures (for example: “I want to generate 20% more leads per month for my product”)
  • 2nd achieve fast and measurable results directly, since immediately implemented and activated.
  • Third strengths of the brand and reputation, particularly in fire-keywords and banners in the display network.

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Search Advertising

Google and others offer search engine advertising with an attractive opportunity, products or services to be placed where the target audience is actively searching for these. This phenomenon is widely referred to as a pull effect. The audience knows your product, ideally already and would like to receive information via search engines continue it. It is therefore sought independently and of their own accord out for this product. Search engine advertising brings the potential buyer right there, where he currently resides in the buying cycle. Paid ads in search results allow mainly short-term or seasonal clearance sales. Google and Co. provide transparent figures about the success or failure of the SEA campaigns. Valid data on impressions, clicks and conversions are also visible as statistics and trends. Based on these data logical decisions can be made. Marketing budgets can be shifted to those very campaigns that are already profitable.


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The Power of Search Advertising

Search engine advertising, colloquially SEA (English: Search Engine Advertising) called, is part of search engine marketing.Search engines, such as Google Inc. and Primus industries but also Bing and Yahoo, offer platforms specially developed for SEA. The counterpart of search engine advertising is search engine optimization. While the latter has the optimization of a website in terms of visibility for specific keywords in the organic search results to target, SEA allows the paid ads above or next to the natural search results.

Success Factors of Search Engine Advertising

As already mentioned, search engine advertising will appear above or beside the organic search results. The further up the advertising appears, the better. Several studies demonstrate scientifically sound, that the attention of the seeker is focused on the top entries in the search results. These positions are fiercely contested. The aim of search engine advertising has to be the best possible placement of ads. This can be achieved through a systematic approach, continuous optimization and testing.

Cost-Per-Click – Costs Unless Interest

A brilliant advantage of search engine advertising is the billing model cost per click, CPC shortly. The advertiser pays only for a real click on his ads. Unlike the CPM, in which per thousand overlaid advertising means a certain amount is paid, shall be paid at the CPC only for actual contacts, so clicks. Scattering losses can thereby reduce enormously. The probability that there is an interaction in the shop or on the company website, is very high.

The advantages of search engine advertising are obvious. In order not to waste untapped potential, should be considered to enable or optimize this Online Marketing channel seriously. The SEO Agency is Google Certified Partner and has expertise in this area. Get in touch and let us advise you.